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We Keep Automation
In Motion

About Refined Motion

Why choose our services

Refined Motion has deep expertise in industrial automation and industrial staffing requirements. Originally founded in 1981, Refined Motion is a family owned industrial automation staffing firm that began as a mechanical engineering and robotics firm. Over the years, we've helped complete hundreds of on-site projects. Today, with our deep expertise in industrial automation, we pair our deep knowledge of your project with top industry talent.  

Our process

(1) Assessment: We begin each project by listening and understanding our clients' requirements in full detail. 

(2) Recruitment: We invite applicants from our close network of automation experts to review and consider relevant opportunities.

(3) Selection: We partner with clients in managing the important decisions on which candidates best support project goals and maximize rapid success.

(4) Onboarding: Based upon company and facility requirements, we assist in the compliance and contract needs of each role.

Our obligation

We have a sole focus on ensuring successful project completion by pairing the very best industrial firms with the very best expertise available. We work diligently with high ethical standards to meet the mark of both our clients and candidates. We work closely with firms to understand each project's unique automation role requirements and project steps, and connect appropriate talent to achieve our clients' successful result

Our Automators

  • PLC Programmers

  • Robot Programmers

  • Mechanical Engineers

  • Industrial Engineers

  • Controls Engineers

  • Robotics Technicians

  • Machine Vision Engineers

  • Vision System Technicians

  • Site Project Managers

  • CAD Technicians

  • Electrical Engineers

  • Electrical Cabinet Designers

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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